Coaching Program Agreement

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I understand this is an exciting, positive and defining opportunity in my personal and professional life!


I understand that my greatest success will come from my commitment to intentional active participation in setting and completing my goals.


I understand that strengths based coaching is a comprehensive holistic process designed to develop personal and professional goals and is not therapy.


I understand that if there is a concern or conflict in the coaching relationship that both the client and coach will talk openly to satisfy the client’s and coach’s needs to maintain a productive working environment.


I understand that all information is confidential though some non-identifying information may be used anonymously for coach training, marketing or supervision purposes.


I understand that clients must give 48 hour notice to cancel or reschedule a call. All missed sessions that have been cancelled in advance or missed due to emergency or unforeseen circumstances may be made up in the same month. All coaching/training events/speaking programs paid or planned up front are final. You may re-schedule and use the program within one year of purchase.


I understand that The Deremo Group, LLC desires the highest level of customer engagement. Clients are periodically asked to complete an online survey to make sure we are delivering exponential value and desirable results.


I understand that The Deremo Group, LLC is a referral based business and appreciates your appropriate referrals, connections, and recommendations through our website, social media and LinkedIn.