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The Deremo Vision

Leaders and organizations will achieve their full potential, becoming successes in their business, community, and personal lives.

The Deremo Mission

To maximize leaders’ and organizations’ full potential to produce great, sustainable results within an ever-changing business environment though consulting, executive coaching, and speaking.

About Us


Dottie Deremo


Dottie Deremo is the principal partner and CEO of The Deremo Group (TDG). TDG is a wholly owned consulting company that delivers strategic business and talent results for companies, boards, and C-Suite leaders across all business sectors. Areas of focus for TDG include fast cycle strategic planning, business sustainability and renewal, succession planning, and Clifton StrengthsFinder strengths-based leadership development of teams and individuals. Dottie is also a sought-after executive coach and keynote speaker.

Dottie is one of an elite group of consultants globally that has completed the rigorous Gallup education, practice, and testing requirements to become a Gallup Certified Executive Strengths Coach. Thus, Dottie has access to the Gallup Strengths-Based Development System of research and materials to inform her consulting, leader and team development, as well as executive coaching practice.

Dottie is recognized nationally and internationally as an influential leader, entrepreneur, consultant, healthcare public policy expert, keynote speaker, and author. She is the retired CEO of Hospice of Michigan (HOM), the Hospice of Michigan Research Institute, and HOM’s national subsidiary company, At Home Support.

Dottie’s formal education includes two master’s degrees from Wayne State University and the University of Michigan as well as three business fellowships from Wharton School of Business, Kings Fund College in Great Britain, and Harvard School of Business respectively. Dottie has a long history of professional and community service on local, state and national boards.

If you would like to learn more about Dottie and her extensive experience, her resume is provided below.

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Bob Deremo

Managing Partner

With nearly 50 years of business experience, Bob Deremo brings his extensive expertise to the running of The Deremo Group operations.

Bob started out his career in regional retail management for a large retail chain for 10 years. He then became an independent real estate broker and co-owner of Great Lakes Title Insurance Company scaling it to multiple sites throughout the Metropolitan Detroit area and implementing best practices, standardization, and computerization throughout the company before this was the standard in the industry. Bob sold his portion of the business at the height of the real estate boom in the mid-2000s.

Known for his personal and business integrity, high standards, knowledge of current events, and practical, detail-oriented approach to business issues, Bob balances his business skills and experience with a delightful sense of humor.

Values - WIN

Wholistic Leadership

Harnessing an organization’s full potential by maximizing the HEAD, HANDS, HEART, and SOUL of an organization to achieve consistently outstanding, sustainable results from the Board Room to the Customer.

  • HEAD—Creating alignment of organizational frameworks, principles, strategies, plans, tactics, and analytics from the Board Room to the Customer
  • HANDS—Driving to outstanding, sustainable, and consistent results through full implementation and execution of plans
  • HEART—Fully engaging leaders and staff at all levels in achieving the success of the enterprise
  • SOUL—Living the organizational mission, vision, and values that achieve a higher purpose for society than just pure profits

Integrity and Innovation

Lasting success depends on the trust of those we lead and those we do business with. Trust is built on integrity and honesty, even when truth-telling is not popular.

Looking through a review mirror is not a strategy for the constantly changing future. A leader and organization must innovate and reinvent themselves every 3 to 5 years to remain relevant in their market.

Never Compromise on Excellence

Setting a standard for oneself and others that expects and delivers the best in every endeavor, big and small.

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